We are Banijay Talents.

Make influence a world of responsible marketing practices. Discover our commitments here.

Our values

Responsible influence is an ethical and transparent approach to using social media to reach a target audience. Responsible influencers are aware of their influence and use their networks to spread positive, informative messages that have a beneficial impact on their audience.

We believe in the importance of responsible influence and work with committed influencers who share our values.

Our engagements

Social networks have changed consumer habits and have had a strong impact on our society. Banijay Talent agencies strive to take their responsibilities and are strongly committed to their relationships with their talents and clients.


We cooperate with brands, causes and associations, reflecting the essence of our talents.


We are committed to transparency in our relationships with talent and clients.

Responsibility and ethics

Our talents are in the process of passing the responsible influence certificate (ARPP).

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